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Using the BookLiberator Beta

Somebody please make a video of themselves using the BookLiberator Beta :-).

But until then, use these instructions:

  1. Put the book in the cradle. The book should be face up and open.
  2. Slide the two halves of the cradle farther apart or closer together until they exactly fit the spine of the book.
  3. Turn to the first page pair you want to scan.
  4. Make sure two cameras are firmly mounted on their screw posts on the cube, facing inward and downward. The camera on the right should face the left-side pages (even-numbered) of the book, and the camera on the left should face the odd-numbered pages.
  5. Arrange good ambient light all around; no glare should reflect from the inside faces of the plexiglass panes in the steps below.
  6. Lower the cube into the book. The edge where the two plexiglass panes meet should fit along the inside of the book's spine. The pages should be pressed flat against the plexiglass panes. Make sure the pages are in the cameras' viewfinders.
  7. Let go of the cube; the book will support it in place. Move your hands to the cameras, and do whatever you need to do to focus them (press the shutter buttons partway down, usually).
  8. Take the photos!
  9. Lift the cube, turn the page, and…

…repeat steps 6-9!

Once you have all the pages photographed, run the raw images through software to get your desired result: clean page images alone, or page images plus text.

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