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-Welcome to the BookLiberator ​Wiki.+Welcome to the BookLiberator ​wiki! 
 +The BookLiberator is a device for digitizing books: it lets you easily photograph all the pages in a book, without harming the book. The resulting images can be processed with free, open source software to make user-friendly files in a variety of formats. Please see [[http://​​|]] for an overview. 
 +This wiki is where the BookLiberator user community exchanges ideas and feedback. If you own a BookLiberator Beta, you should probably have an account here. 
 +  * [[assembly|Assembly]]:​ How to assemble your BookLiberator Beta kit. 
 +  * [[cameras|Cameras]]:​ What cameras to use. 
 +  * [[software|Software]]:​ What software to use with the BookLiberator. 
 +  * [[using|Using]]:​ How to use your assembled BookLiberator Beta. 
 +  * [[contact|Feedback / Contact]]: How to reach us, and how to talk with other beta-testers to discuss scanning, cameras, software, etc. 
 +  * [[others|Other similar projects]]: The competition,​ with whom we are cooperating as fast as we can.
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