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 +== Other Similar Efforts ==
 +  * The [[http://​​|DIY Book Scanner]] project is doing very similar work with very similar parts. ​ If you're looking for alternate designs along the same lines, they'​re the first place to look.
 +  * The [[http://​​|Internet Archive]] has a some large Scribe machines and [[http://​​project/​showfiles.php?​group_id=140874|some free software]] to go with it.  The machines are described in [[http://​​jared/​blog/​archives/​2006/​02/​10/​more-details-on-open-archives-scribe-book-scanner-project/​|this article]].
 +  * CopyBooks: Another Brooklyn-based book scanner developer has a [[http://​​|laser cut scanner]] available with some custom software for page splitting and de-warping.
 +  * The [[http://​​|Long Now Foundation]] is developing a software tool to easily convert documents between digital formats.
 +  * Kirtas makes a neat robot that automatically turns and flattens pages. There'​s good video of it on YouTube, [[http://​​watch?​v=UyB5c3S4vzc&​feature=related|here]] and [[http://​​watch?​v=h2SzGcylZVE&​feature=related|here]]. Looks way expensive, but also way cool.
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