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===== Feedback / Contact / Discussion ===== === Online Discussion Group / Email List === The right place to discuss anything related to the BookLiberator is usually our public discussion group -- which we're still setting up! We're going to use [[|Discourse]], because it is free software (open source), and it supports both web-based and email-based access to discussion forums. We're setting it up right now -- 8 October 2014. If you are a Ruby-on-Rails deployment expert, and wouldn't mind answering questions if we run into problems, let us know via the contact information at the end of this page. === Editing This Wiki === If you would like an edit-enabled account in this wiki, please introduce yourself in the above forum, or contact us via the instructions below, and we'll make it happen -- especially if you just purchased a [[|BookLiberator Beta]] kit and want to help beta test! === Contacting Us Directly === If you have a question or concern that must be raised privately, you may also [[|contact us at QCO]], but please note that we cannot guarantee a timely response.

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