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There are so many digital cameras, it's hard to know which ones to recommend! The ideal BookLiberator camera:

  • Has 5 mpx or higher resolution (these days, most cameras do)
  • Accepts a standard screw-in camera mount (again, most cameras do)
  • Is fairly small and light (so as not to weigh down the cube when you lift)
  • Snaps the photo quickly (no long pause after button press, whether to focus or for any other reason)
  • Can retain fixed focus across multiple pictures (that way you don't have to refocus after each page turn)

The last item is still fairly rare, and is not strictly necessary – it just means the camera will have to re-focus for each pair of pages, slowing things down a bit. If you find cameras that can retain a fixed focus, please make sure we hear about them. Once we have more information about all the different digital cameras people try for this Beta run, we'll be able to choose the cameras to ship with BookLiberator 1.0.

Cell Phone Mounts

If you want to try using cell phone cameras, let us know how it goes. We haven't tried using cell phone mounts yet (as of 6 October 2014), but we'd love to know if you do.

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